Website Design

Website designing is a process of creating a content for electronic web pages. Briefly explained it is a planning, creating and updating as a website on search engine. Designing of website includes abstract elements as usability, layout traditions, user interface, navigation logic, and many other things that makes the website attractive and help to find information on website faster. This directly involves the creativity and experience of the designer. In layman terms, website designing means presenting your website in such a way that the user are attracted to take some valuable action for your business.

In technical terms the website designs emphasis on designing of website keeping in mind the needs of clients. According to the modern updates in google algorithm the designing of website should be done very efficiently so as to add value to your business. The modern website designing includes server side scripting like php,asp and cgi. Websites visual side that is the front end is defined with html and css,for enhanced user experience dynamic javascript and ajax is used.

Generally speaking in technical terms will be a foreign language for those who are poor in technical terminology. So basically website designer helps the clients increase their online business by designing a website in a way that clients need will be satisfied and their clents can easily search for the thing they want.